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For I have tasted the fruit

I got back from break and one of my roommates had already arrived.  He had brought back his latest purchase, the Nintendo Wii, so I’ve gotten to try it over the past couple of days.

I’ve only played Wii Sports, but I think this is going to be one great console.  Wii Sports isn’t just a tech demo, but it’s not incredibly polished either – I can see games that have a more detail-oriented production cycle being really, really good.  There are 5 different sports: Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing.  Baseball is the only one I could see myself not particularly enjoying, but I haven’t tried any of them with more than one remote (wiimote?), since there’s such a shortage of the things that Gamestops have consoles on display, but no remotes to play them.
And it’s not just that the control scheme is fun, either; controls are so intuitive for Sports that you can play without ever having played a game before.  Nintendo’s Revolution may be just that; they certainly have the chance to break into a still more general market that Microsoft and Sony aren’t looking seriously at.  I’m looking forward to the next few months.


Live WordPress!

So WordPress is now live here.  I’ll probably be using it for awhile.  I’ve set the dates for my important older posts (photo log, Game of the Day) so they correspond roughly to the time I originally posted them.
For the time being, the old HTML is still visible in the main directory.  I can bring back the old site anytime, so I’m begging you (my one reader this month…) if you have any problems with my transition to WordPress, or have any suggestions, let me know.  You should be able to comment.
Other than that, been playing FFXII and Warcraft 3.  FFXII almost has too many sidequests; I finish a 3 hour long plot point, then all of a sudden ten one-hour-long sidequests pop up.

Still writing for Videolamer; my next article, a Wild Arms wrap-up, should be there in a day or two.  The site’s good stuff, seriously.  They’ve got some nifty Wii stuff already, and I’m sure dozens more articles on the way.



So I’m back home for a couple weeks on break, glad to have the last quarter over.

I finished up Wild Arms 2, and thankfully it doesn’t get too weird at the end – at least, not any weirder than it got halfway through. It was a thoroughly enjoyable game, though not as good as the original. I should have a writeup for the entire series posted up at Videolamer within a couple weeks.

I started playing Final Fantasy XII, which I bought on the recommendation of the internet. Okay, so maybe not the whole internet, but a large portion of those parts I read. I trust forumgoers more than I trust reviews, and word on the street was it’s good. So I’ll pass that bit along: it’s good. 20 hours in and I’ve barely scratched the surface, it would seem. We’ll see how it goes from here…

Oh, and you might’ve noticed I put the entire site, minus the post archive, onto this wordpress site by category. I may toss in a plugin to make it easier to browse each portion (i.e. Game of the Day currently will give you 35-30 in descending order). This site should also go live tomorrow or so…

/edit: Okay, so not tomorrow… but it’s up now.  I haven’t put in the plugin yet, but I’m modifying the images inside posts so they don’t clip with the edges (probably will just make all images 320 by 280 or whatever).


Game of the Day Wrap-Up

Here’s what I might have – and might still(?) write about for Game of the Day, which ended back in April 2006.

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Complete redesign…

So I think I might be converting over to WordPress. I haven’t published this on my main site yet, but who knows? It looks spiffier and it might just be easier to manage.
Speaking of which, if any part of this doesn’t look spiffy, let me know. I tend to like the grey and blue a bit much.  I had to do a good deal of editing to get it to look like this, actually.