So I’m back home for a couple weeks on break, glad to have the last quarter over.

I finished up Wild Arms 2, and thankfully it doesn’t get too weird at the end – at least, not any weirder than it got halfway through. It was a thoroughly enjoyable game, though not as good as the original. I should have a writeup for the entire series posted up at Videolamer within a couple weeks.

I started playing Final Fantasy XII, which I bought on the recommendation of the internet. Okay, so maybe not the whole internet, but a large portion of those parts I read. I trust forumgoers more than I trust reviews, and word on the street was it’s good. So I’ll pass that bit along: it’s good. 20 hours in and I’ve barely scratched the surface, it would seem. We’ll see how it goes from here…

Oh, and you might’ve noticed I put the entire site, minus the post archive, onto this wordpress site by category. I may toss in a plugin to make it easier to browse each portion (i.e. Game of the Day currently will give you 35-30 in descending order). This site should also go live tomorrow or so…

/edit: Okay, so not tomorrow… but it’s up now.  I haven’t put in the plugin yet, but I’m modifying the images inside posts so they don’t clip with the edges (probably will just make all images 320 by 280 or whatever).

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