Live WordPress!

So WordPress is now live here.  I’ll probably be using it for awhile.  I’ve set the dates for my important older posts (photo log, Game of the Day) so they correspond roughly to the time I originally posted them.
For the time being, the old HTML is still visible in the main directory.  I can bring back the old site anytime, so I’m begging you (my one reader this month…) if you have any problems with my transition to WordPress, or have any suggestions, let me know.  You should be able to comment.
Other than that, been playing FFXII and Warcraft 3.  FFXII almost has too many sidequests; I finish a 3 hour long plot point, then all of a sudden ten one-hour-long sidequests pop up.

Still writing for Videolamer; my next article, a Wild Arms wrap-up, should be there in a day or two.  The site’s good stuff, seriously.  They’ve got some nifty Wii stuff already, and I’m sure dozens more articles on the way.

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