Hints of SaGa2 & 3 DS Localization on iTunes

Normally I wouldn’t specifically mention iTunes, as honestly one store is much like another (although iTunes is classy, easy to use and all that stuff).

However – and I’m not sure when exactly this happened, but I noticed it last night – every single SaGa game soundtrack is now on iTunes.  This includes the Romancing SaGas, which weren’t localized, and the original Game Boy SaGa games, which were brought over to the USA as Final Fantasy Legends 1, 2 and 3.  To me, the game boy renditions are well worth the money alone, to say nothing of the DS remakes.

Now – the most incredible part to me actually happened tonight.  Literally in the past 24 hours, someone with the ‘pull’ to do so changed the SaGa2 and SaGa3 DS soundtracks so that they now have the US branding!  SaGa 3 is now Final Fantasy Legend 3: Shadow or Light and SaGa2 is  Final Fantasy Legend II Goddess of Destiny. Even names which weren’t directly rendered (Steslos -> Talon, Ragna -> Xagor) the first time around were modified to fit with the original US renditions of a game that came out on the original Game Boy.

Maybe this is some particularly dedicated (and awesome!) Square Enix employee, or maybe this was planned all along when the soundtracks were released in the US store.  But because I’m the sappy type, I’m going to hope until someone tells me otherwise 🙂

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