Song Summoner

Just a quick little post.

A friend linked me to this earlier today.  It’s a review of, of all things, an iPod game.

Unexpectedly, it sounds quite good.  Creating characters out of songs reminds me of Monster Rancher, which allowed you to create monsters out of CDs – only better.  I bought an iPod for easy music a couple months ago; who thought I’d be using it for a tactical RPG by Square-Enix?

Courtesy of the S-E site.

I have now been playing the game a little over an hour and it’s surprisingly good.  Apparently the music I listen to (an assortment of power metal, video game originals/remixes, and chiptunes) makes for amazingly good archers and powerful-but-defenseless warriors.  I managed to get a great mage out of one of the tracks from The Guardian Legend, I think.

Just making warriors is good fun, and thus far the battle system is cool.  If nothing else, this is a great idea for a game – and at $5, it’s definitely worth it just for what I’ve seen.

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