Continuation of stuff

I’ve been continuing Skies of Arcadia.  I still love the flowing islandscape-of-sky.  Sadly, other addictions have burst in on this one, shutting down my gameplay of it…

First is Super Mario Galaxy.  Though I’m still not convinced it is the greatest game ever, it’s the best Wii game I’ve played so far (since the only other ones I’ve played are Sports and Super Monkey Ball, this isn’t saying much).  It actually has a feel vaguely like Skies, since it takes place on islands in space.  The perspective issues (where you, say, go upside-down but the camera angle remains unchanged) annoy me, but everything else about this game is great, for a platformer.  I’m only a little ways in so far, though.

After all, my other addiction has set in.  I finally caved in after I saw Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI used for $30.  Though the manual smelled vaguely like smoke and the game wasn’t in great shape, it plays fine – all too fine.  I started a game on easy to get used to it; playing Sun Jian in the Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition, I’ve leapfrogged up from Jiang Dong to central China in order to confront Dong Zhuo early.  I managed to split his forces in half, but now I’m trapped holding two gates against Dong Zhuo’s stronger Western half while praying Cao Cao manages to seize Luoyang.  The combat in this game is nearly as intense as in IX; planning is essential, and having a decent supply line is key.

I’m looking forward to confronting Yuan Shao once Dong Zhuo’s taken care of, though.  He’s set himself up almost exactly as in history, and I’m guessing he’ll start whittling Gongsun Zan down to size before long.

Even though I bought Ys 3 for SNES recently, I haven’t managed to beat it yet due to these games stepping in and stealing my free time.  Maybe I’ll get a chance this weekend.

Oh, you may not have noticed but I just created a smallish section for Destiny of an Editor, an officer editing tool for the NES classic (in the minds of about a dozen people, myself included) Destiny of an Emperor.

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