So it’s pretty good.

Beat Persona 3 yesterday. It’s good, but I’m sort of drained. The plot’s really intense, especially at the end. Don’t want to spoil anything, though, since some of my few readers have yet to beat it (and one of them had better do so! you know who you are). I’ll have a review on vl by the end of the week at latest.

However, I do have this picture here. It’s neat.

This is an area shown during one of the anime cutscenes in P3. Kyoto station is pretty impressive, honestly.

There’s a new version out for Mount & Blade now- it’s hidden in the forum section, though. I’ve been playing it for a while and it really adds a lot to the game. There’s more strategy on the battlefield. It’s sort of imbalanced, though – I decided to go back to being cavalry after trying infantry… and cavalry is now waaaay too powerful. I mean, it was before. A good high-level player on horseback could take out 20 enemies, if done right. But now it’s ridiculous – with the armor upgrades, I can take on 20 Sea Raiders – and did, nearly by myself, at level 7 (I was level 9 by the time I was done). If you haven’t checked out Mount & Blade, it’s not a bad time to do so. It’s a good action/strategy/RPG.

I am only an hour into WA5, and so far I’m sadly not impressed. When load times for battles take as long as the battles themselves, it takes a lot of effort to stick with the game. When characters are horribly cliched (though I admit Rebecca does not seem as cliched), I can’t easily sympathize with them. I think Dean’s only redeeming factor is that he names his shovels. I think I’m going to like the golem hunter guy, because he probably won’t be as bouncy or stupid as Dean, but I haven’t encountered him yet.

I also picked up the second expansion pack to Civilization 4 (link to review that partly inspired this decision). So far it’s good, but more challenging than the original. The AI’s giving me problems on Warlord (I used to be able to do decently on Prince). Might be linked to the fact that they cornered me early on and I only have 5 cities… but ah well. It’s good stuff. And Beyond the Sword also has all the changed from the first expansion pack, so it’s not a bad deal either.

Alas, it’s now Sunday night, and I may not have the free time to keep up with each of these games during the week. But I’ll try!

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