As a phoenix, I rise from the ashes… dust off my wings, and start burning again

Labor Day weekend, I got a lot of stuff done I’d been meaning to.  Among those things was a translation of the script of the NES game Akira, which I’d been gradually working on for nearly 3 months.

My Japanese has been getting rusty for a while, and I didn’t know if I had the willpower to start anything new for a while.

Then, one of my fellow writers, hearing I had finished a translation project, mentioned a game to me.  Curious, I looked it over… and it captured my soul.  The game is 1999: Hore, Mitakotoka! Seikimatsu, for the NES.  Basically, it’s a Japanese game of Life with an eventual goal of stopping aliens from taking over the world.

By coincidence, danke, the guy who is working on the hacking side of Akira, had looked at the game before and was more than willing to help out with the hacking of 1999.  Tyson, the writer who asked me about it, is more familiar with spoken Japanese than I, and will probably be better with the casual stuff in 1999 than me.  So it looks like it’s in good shape, I just need to find a good part of it to work on…

I also started another game of the Mount&Blade mod The Last Days, based on (the books of course) Tolkien’s LOTR.  Mount&Blade is an excellent engine – no single action/RPG/strategy can surpass it.  TLD is an incredible mod, bringing the minor skirmishes of “vanilla” M&B up a few notches to the grand warfare of Middle-Earth.  My only complaint is that it’s hard as hell, but that’s sort of the idea.

Also, I’m 40 hours into Persona 3.  I wasn’t really into the plot – it’s a little too grandiose to break it down into manageable chunks.  The atmosphere has been great since the beginning, but the plot seems a little… well, distant.

That changed on Friday.  Man, did it change.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more well-done set of scenes in a game before.

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