Exit Wild ARMs, stage right. Enter Wild ARMs, stage left.

Well, I tried.  My copy of Wild ARMs died about an hour in, and I don’t have the patience to keep trying after a game freezes.

I ordered another copy.  I mean, what’s the use of working so much overtime if you can’t spend the money (plus, the game is… what, maybe an hour of overtime pay?)?

I also started playing Alter Code: F.  It’s a good game, don’t get me wrong – but it still lacks some of the charm of the original.  The music in ACF is good, but too many tracks were polished unnecessarily.  The extra plot and exposition is great – Jack’s background and some extra stuff with Rody’s plot in the end are particulary satisfying.  Unfortunately, the translation is the worst part of the game.  It’s not all bad, but it is unnecessarily literal and feels stilted – overly formal in places where it shouldn’t be, for example.  Then there are plural/gender mix-ups…

I had to give up on ACF.  No reason to play through it if I’m just going to play through the original.  Thankfully, said ordered extra copy arrived today and is wonderfully spotless.  Unthankfully, I worked from 9 to 8 today and will probably be working over the weekend too.  Our project is wrapping up and (oh no) we stand a chance of making our unrealistic deadline.

Oh well, I should be able to afford a Wii soon.

In site-related news, apparently I am popular enough to merit spambots posting comments.  2 a day.  And, for some reason, they all comment on Life is a Dream.  I’m really curious as to why.  Maybe bots like armchair philosophy.  Now if only I had an easy chair, monocle, and pipe to smoke, I could attract more bots.  Just what I’ve always wanted.

Oh well, I suppose I should consider myself lucky.  vl gets about 200 a day now.

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