GOTD – Armored Core

Armored Core – Action (PSX)
From Software

Although I usually prefer multiplayer cooperative games, this game is surprisingly addictive.

If you’ve ever played the Mechwarrior game for SNES, you know more or less what the formula is: you are a mercenary pilot with a “Core” – or giant humanoid bot (as is standard). You are offered missions – usually between 1 and 4 are available at a time – and as you progress you find out more and more about what is going on between the two mega-corporations that are your primary employers.

As you progress, you will also make more money which you can use to buy parts and weaponry for your Core. You might go for a speedy, booster-heavy approach, or you might try to make a heavily-armored tank-bot. Whichever you go for, you will likely find the parts that you want.

You may be offered parts as compensation instead of money, and you can also find parts in stages. Although some aren’t as useful, you can find some unique parts in certain stages.

Your mercenary group, the “Ravens”, has a ranking system where you will gradually move upwards. If you get close enough to some other mercenaries, they may feel threatened and decide to work against you – except 8-Ball, the top-ranked merc, whose rank you will likely never succeed. You may eventually encounter him, though.

Difficulty is usually light enough to keep frustration at bay, but the game is difficult enough to keep your interest. I had to restart a few missions, particularly later on in the game.

Controls in the game are particularly easy to use, but you may have to adjust to them at first. Boosting might seem a little awkward for a while, but if you test it out a bit, you’ll get used to it.

The only major complaint I have is that the game is both incredibly linear and not long enough. The game is around 10 hours, which is admittedly pretty long for an action game, but for a game that has this scope, From Software could probably have put together a 20-hour game.

I have not played the sequels – yet – but I’ve heard they are pretty good. Try this game out and see if you like it.

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