Japan Products

This is a short list of interesting Japanese products and things that I have taken pictures of.

This is “C1000 Vitamin” – it is a sort of vitamin drink which has over a gram of vitamin C. It’s pretty tasty, but it’s also a bit strong. Maybe it’s meant to be watered down.

(Not pictured) – CC Lemon, same brand as C1000, I think. It’s a carbonated lemonade that has lots of vitamin C. As a matter of fact, most bottles of CC Lemon have an indication on the front of how many lemons’ worth of vitamin C are in the bottle.

Bubble Man! It’s a bubble-gum flavored beverage (well, this one is grape) similar to soft drinks.
On the front is the one and only Bubble Man, proclaiming that the drink has the “Power of vitamin B6!”.

This one should be a bit familiar.
I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got. I completely forgot to take pictures of Qoo, Pocari Sweat, and other fun things.

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