Project Privateer (dev)

Project Privateer is a pirate-themed turn-based strategy game with a story focused heavily on character interactions.  It is a hobbyist/enthusiast game project.


(logo temporary, obviously)

What separates Privateer from other strategy games is Privateer’s focus on a branching narrative that changes based on your captains’ death in glorious battle.  Each captain has their own set of motivations – some of which they will try to hide from their comrades.

Prototype Screenshots from version 0.0422 — All graphics temporary


Currently Implemented Features



Planned Features


Sample Music

Help Wanted!

Super Fun Club is currently looking for 2d and 3d artists for character art, background/scenery art for narrative sections, unit and map art. We are particularly interested in pixel art. If you are interested in the project or may know someone who is, please email jason.scotti at google email.


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