RPGs for those on a time budget

More than two years ago, I put together a post for videolamer about short RPGs.  It’s a constant problem: my favorite genre is totally dominated by games that are built to take weeks or months at the pace I play.

So what’s the solution?  I could continually start up RPGs and quit halfway through, like I have been doing with MS Saga and Arc Rise Fantasia… or I could find games of a more accommodating size.

I’ve found (or rediscovered) a few more that can rightfully join the list:

All of these come highly recommended.  Anyone who’s been reading this blog knows that TSE2 was one of my favorite indie games before it went freeware.  Space Funeral’s seen high rankings (but perhaps not enough actual traffic – seriously, the game can be finished in an afternoon), although it’s not *terribly* RPGish.  Finally, SaGa2 DS is a great remake of the best Game Boy RPG.  Can’t speak for the translation, but given that the original game had a good official translation (bananas and adultery aside), it should be solid.  I’m still hoping for official localization of SaGa3 DS, since it was just released – but if Squenix isn’t going to bring over the better one, why bring it over?

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