More Opoonerism

The game has taken a twist toward more standard JRPG fare, and I’m not sure whether I’m somewhat depressed or relieved.  I do like how gradually the feel of the game changed, and the environments are still interesting… but at the same time it feels like an entirely different game, and not nearly as open-ended as the first portion.

That said, here are a few more screenshots.

Oh really, Doug?  You just… go ahead and work with your containers.

Opoona chilling with his buddy the volcano (Opoona is a tricky fellow to take a screenshot of, hence the blurriness).

This battle could have come straight out of Earthbound.

Speaking of Earthbound, I’ve heard of some reviews of Opoona comparing the two.  I can say that thus far, Opoona has nowhere near the overwhelming amount of humor in Earthbound.  Are there puns?  A few.  Ridiculous situations?  Often (see Doug, above).  But I’d hesitate to compare them so readily.  Some of the feel is similar, but Earthbound pours satire atop pun, while Opoona pours awkward phrasing atop lacking grammar.

That said, the I liked the story of the first part a lot.  The only game I can compare the feel to is a portion of Lunar 2, and L2 was much less subtle about it.

Also, Captain Terry is awesome.  Just wanted to throw that out there.

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