Final Fantasy Legend 2 FAQ / Translation

Created by Niahak (

Final Fantasy Legend 2 (c) Squaresoft. I had nothing to do with the making
of this game, etc.


0.0 Notes on this FAQ
1.0 Notes before starting
2.0 Recommended groups
3.0 Walkthrough
4.0 Closing notes

0.0 Notes on this FAQ---------------------------------------------------------

This FAQ is intended to be a guide for Final Fantasy Legend 2 (or SaGa 2:
Hihou Densetsu). It is not my intention to write a guide that will hold the
player's hand, but hopefully it will give the player an idea of how to play,
possible strategies against bosses, treasures to find, etc.
I am also playing through the game in Japanese after having beaten it a few
times in English, so I will make note of any translation quirks or differences
in-line. They'll be marked with the following:
Trans: This is a translation note!


1.0 Notes on the Game---------------------------------------------------------

Before starting a game of Final Fantasy Legend 2 for the first time, it's
important to know if a few of the mechanics. If you've played it before, go
ahead and skip this part.

1. Usable items have a set number of uses. This means a long sword, when
bought or found new, can only be used in battle a total of 50 times. There
are exceptions, but only in certain cases explained later. Keep in mind that
this even includes spells.

2. There are no "levels". Characters grow bit by bit randomly at the end of
each battle. Using a weapon or spell may increase a corresponding stat.

3. There are four character types: Human, Mutant, Robot, and Monster.
a. Humans grow the fastest and are actually quite versatile. They can be
expensive to keep buying items for, but they can even make good spellcasters
if you're willing to spend the money. They have just about the best potential
of any character type.
b. Mutants grow slower than humans, but can randomly gain useful traits.
These traits range from a spell-like "ability" like Fire or Thunder to a
passive ability that allows you to attack first more often. If the ability
has a certain number of uses, they are replenished at an inn. You can even
select which ability gets replaced based on where you put it in their
inventory. As a result of their abilities, however, they can't use as much
c. Robots don't grow at all. Their abilities are based entirely on what
equipment you give them. Give them a long sword and their HP and Strength
increase; a bronze shield and their HP and Defense increase. Robots are
generally the best front-line character due to high HP and Def potential, but
there is a limit to how good they can be. Robots can also only use items
half as much as usual; e.g. Give them a long sword with 50 uses and it is
reduced to 25. However, these are restored upon resting at an inn. Also,
Robots cannot use magic at all. Part of the advantage of robots is that they
can equip multiple of any armor type i.e. multiple helmets, so they can have
incredibly high defense. In addition, the bonuses an armor gives are based
on the material rather than type; i.e. bronze bracers give the same defense
as bronze armor.
d. Monsters grow by eating other monsters' meat. They generally become the
"same" as an enemy monster you can find in the game; this is both a limit and
an advantage. Personally, I don't use them often, but I could see why they
could be useful
e. As a final note, there's no significant difference between Male and Female
characters growth-wise. Strength starts higher for males, Agility for
females. Male Mutants start with Blizzard as their first ability, Females
start with Flame.

4. You choose your group at the beginning of the game, and you're stuck with
that group until the end of the game, so choose wisely!

5. The main stats in this game are Strength, Defense, Agility, and Mana.
a, Strength affects damage with many weapons and (your) monster attacks.
b. Defense affects how much damage you take. It isn't just subtracted from
the "full" damage, so having any amount more defense is useful.
c. Agility affects damage with many non-Strength weapons, speed in battle,
and chance to hit. It also has a bearing on ability to run away.
d. Mana affects the damage of spells and some special abilities, as well as
the effect those have on you (i.e. a character with more mana can be healed
more easily). This can only work in your favor, so having higher Mana
gives you more resistance as well as easier healing.

5. Although growth is based on the weapon you use, it does not seem to be
based on how much damage you do. Killing an enemy may help somewhat, but it
is still possible to gain stats doing single-digit damage. It's even possible
to gain stats while missing the enemy! It does not seem to matter what level
of enemies you fight; enemies from the first world make your stats grow just
as much as those later on, regardless of your current stats. Also, a
character doesn't need to "act" in the last round of battle to gain stats.

b. After some experimentation, I have to conclude that the growth is entirely
random. At 13 Agi, I had to fight 13 fights and kill 13 enemies to grow.
Then, I gained one more Agi in the next battle. Though I thought the stat's
value itself might be the upper bound on battles to fight or enemies to kill
to gain a stat, this is not the case. At 16 Agi, I had to fight 53 fights
and kill 48 enemies to raise Agi one point. After this point, I gave up on
trying to figure out how growth works. Here's the (rather limited) data.

Agi Battles Killed
13 13 13
14 01 01
15 04 04
16 53 48

In about this same time, everyone's HP rose about 200 total, and my other two
characters, with Agi starting at 24, rose 1 and 4 respectively (and acted
around the same amount, with a kill on each hit).

6. As you progress through the game, you will acquire MAGI that you can equip
on characters. Many of MAGI are ability-based and affect a stat, while some
affect elemental resistance or give a certain ability.
a. "Stat" MAGI are Strength, Defense, Agility and Mana MAGI. These give a
huge boost, particularly early on. A character with MAGI will usually do
around double the damage of a character without (all stats being equal, etc),
or a DEF MAGI character will be considerably sturdier. My working theory is
that a Stat MAGI doubles the stat in question for calculation purposes. The
number of MAGI does not seem to matter.
b. Elemental MAGI give a character resistance to an element. Not much to say;
only use them if you're in a situation where enemies use elemental abilities.
c. Ability MAGI are found near the end of the game. By the time you get them,
most of them aren't too useful with one exception I'll note later.


2.0 Recommended groups--------------------------------------------------------

Some of these are recommended in the instruction manual, but here they are in
my order of preference.
1. Two humans, one robot, one mutant. This is my favorite party to use as it
is reliable, but versatile. You can switch your mutant's role in for either
humans if, like me, you prefer to have a human spellcaster. The mutant may
fall to the wayside near the end of the game if its growth is too slow.
2. Three humans, one robot. The ultimate in reliability. Your robot will be
a good front-line fighter through the end of the game, while the humans each
fill in one of the strength/agility/magic roles. Since the humans generally
have high HP, you don't need to worry as much about their fragility as you
would with mutants. I'm still trying this party out, but it looks like it is
fairly powerful. It's rather expensive.
3. One of each type: Also versatile, but probably easier on the GP. You can
equip the robot with whatever items you find but decide your human and mutant
don't need, and your monster needs no equipment. Your mutant can be a good
spellcaster, while your human can choose to focus on agility or strength.
The robot makes a good front-liner, while the monster can support depending
on what type it is.
4. 4 humans. Pretty versatile, but this group can also be very expensive.
One of your party members has to be relatively sturdy, and who has the max HP
will vary throughout the game, so you may have to switch around your armor
depending on who has the most HP. This is also the most reliable group, as
you can easily manipulate the growth of stats. It may take a lot of fighting
to get the most potential out of this group.

Other groups are possible, but (obviously) not recommended.

3.0 Walkthrough---------------------------------------------------------------

Intro translation notes: The game was originally called Hihou Densetsu, or
"Legend of the Relics". "Hihou" does not translate well, as most dictionaries
call it "Treasured article"; I think that "Relic" is the closest translation.
MAGI was derived from what most of them are named; Strength, Agility, etc. are
all "Strength MaGi" (pronounced Ma then Gi). Element MAGI are similar. It
is no wonder that they simply kept the MAGI word.

The Prism MAGI was originally called "Spirit Mirror". It is my guess that
all "special" MAGI were not originally called such. I will note these when
I notice them.

Also, the icons for swords, armor types, and spellbooks were not in the
original. They were introduced to save space, and actually a really neat
idea. Many other item names were shortened for the same reason - the "Colt"
was originally "Derringer", while "Hammer" was originally "Battle Hammer".
For most items, I'll refer to the original name.


Not much to see here. Some plot revolving around why your character embarks
upon a quest to track down his/her father by finding MAGI, you choose your
party, etc.

Trans: Mr. S was originally "Sensei" (or simply "Teacher"). He is of class

You can get potions from the townsperson inside the top house. Other than
that, nothing to do here.

Mr. S joins your party as you leave. You don't have him for long, but he's
useful for taking out the larger groups of Jaguars that might otherwise
cause problems.

Go to the cave North of town to continue.
As a general note, from here on out, if you have a guest in your party you can
talk to them by pressing B. They usually don't say anything useful.

North Cave--------------------------------------------------------------------

This is a fairly straightforward dungeon. On your way through, you'll find
Treasures: Bronze shield

The bow is not toou seful. Damage is based on strength, but I've never got a
stat increase off of it. The hammer is not useful, either, as you start with
better weapons. Both shield and hammer might be good robot fodder.

As you exit the cave, you'll be attacked by a small dragon. He would be a
boss, except he goes down in one Dissolve or a shot from a Colt.

Mr. S leaves your party at this point. Enter the town.

East Town (W1)----------------------------------------------------------------

You'll get a short event with a hat-donning individual here. Too bad it isn't
that easy to find your father!

I recommend buying some rapiers and longswords here. If you're planning to
make a human magician, it's better to focus on speed for them early on so they
go faster than monsters and dodge better, so you may want extra rapiers.
Also, the next time you'll have a chance to get the cheap-but-good early
swords is after the first world. You may also want to get bronze bracers,
as they are cheap and prevent a good deal of damage in the long run.

You'll hear about Ki in town. Ki (pronounced "Kai") is a priestess of Isis,
working in a shrine West of town.
Trans: She's described as "cute" by one townsperson.

You have no other leads, so why not check it out?


Keep traveling West to find the shrine.

Shrine to Isis---------------------------------------------------------------

Here, you can talk to Ki and find out that she might've seen your father.
Trans: She asked if he was "a kind of cool-looking man wearing a hat". :)
Apparently your characters get it just from that description.

She tells you that you might find MAGI in a ruined temple to the South.
I believe it was 3 East, 4 South of the mountain in the South.


Ancient Temple---------------------------------------------------------------

This is, again, fairly straightforward.
Treasues: Whip

As you progress through the dungeon, it appears to be branching but it is
usually one path. The only exception is where you can either get a potion
or keep going. Take it or leave it.

Once you get close to the end, some mysterious men run off, thinking you're
with Ashura. Be sure to grab the MAGI in the chests in the final room.

MAGI Tutorial=================================================================
Many MAGI can be equipped for special bonuses.
Stat-based MAGI complement your stats passively. I'm not sure whether
the bonus is multiplicative or just a straight-up bonus. I think it's
a bonus of +10 per individual MAGI of that stat you have.
Elemental MAGI give you resistance against that element. I don't
think more help.
Special MAGI give you the ability to use them in battle. You'll
encounter them later.
Here, you get a MAGI each of Strength, Defense, and Magic. Equip them on your
appropriate characters.

Oh no! Ashura's men got the other MAGI. Go back and report to Ki. She'll
decide to join you to take down Ashura's base in this world, which is in the

Ki is a good healer, magician, and even a decent fighter. She's a bit low
on life, but since she's the guest enemies almost never attack her. Her
lightning is invaluable.

On the way, you'll pass North Town.

North Town--------------------------------------------------------------------

I honestly have no idea why this town is here. The weapons and armor are
way out of your price range unless you're fighting a lot.

It can be, however, somewhat useful soon.

Ashura's base is to the East, through some mountains.

Ashura's Base-----------------------------------------------------------------

Zombies roam around in this area and are instant encounters if you talk to or
run into them. Careful... unless you want to stat-up early.

Agility Source
Gold Bracer
Battle Axe

Mage interlude================================================================

If you're trying to make a human mage (or even a mutant one) then you're
probably itching to get started. Psi daggers don't seem to help MAG levels
much, so you need a way to make money.

If you keep running into zombies, then Ki can help you take down larger
groups. The groups of flies are particularly good, netting you 300-400 GP
for each encounter. Ki usually goes first, but against the larger groups
of enemies you can also stat-gain nicely here.

Keep in mind you need 6400 for a spellbook; I recommend Ice as almost every
group of enemies through the 2nd world has one monster weak to it.


When you get the Agility Source, consider using it on your Strength fighter.
It's not noticable now, but Agility is required to hit enemies, so you'll have
problems hitting with your physical fighter (if they're human or mutant)
unless they get some agility.

When you come to the branch (going upward), you may as well go left. There's
a treasure chest on the left side, and nothing on the right, and both meet up
in the middle where there's the next stairway.

Finally, at the end, you'll run into... a Rhino.

He'll go down in a few hits. Careful as he can do some damage, but you should
have no problems.

The base will start shaking and you need to escape. Pick up the MAGI on your
way out. Defense, Flame, and Ice this time. I recommend equipping the DEF
MAGI on your last character.


Go to the weird looking thing north of the base. This is the Pillar of the
Sky, a sort of heavenly region linking all worlds together. For now, you can
only move to the next world, Ashura's desert. And no, there are never really
any branching paths.

It's interesting to note that you can speed up your passage through the
"warps", or slow it down. This may actually come in useful at some point.

World 2 - Ashura's World------------------------------------------------------

Desert Town-------------------------------------------------------------------

Careful, because this town has random encounters inside it. You'll probably
want to buy a potion or two, but nothing else here is that great - you'll get
better stuff soon enough! Talk to the Pub owner to find out where to go next.


Note that in this world, there are "Pebble" monsters who are strong against
physical attacks. Try to use abilities or magic to take them out instead.

Basically, you want to go South of town to the cactus. Then go West 7 spaces
and South 7 spaces. There's another cactus South of there.

If you find the clearing, then go to the southernmost part of that and go
East. You'll see a cactus one row South of you, go a bit further east then

Tower Town--------------------------------------------------------------------

Sorry, another no-name town. This one has hidden buildings for no reason.
This town has a bit better gear, but you'll still find both a Sabre and a
Battle Sword in the Tower.

Here, you'll hear that a spy from the Guardians was captured by Ashura's men.
Trans: One townsperson said he was "a conceited man wearing a hat".

If you have the spare money, consider buying a Cure spellbook. If you have a
Mana of 10 or more, they're a lot more convenient than potions, albeit more


Head South to Ashura's Tower.

Ashura's Tower----------------------------------------------------------------

Treasures: Saber
Gold Shield
Mana Source
Strength Source
Battle Sword
Gold Helmet

It's pretty straightforward... again. Keep going up and you'll find a room
with another plot-related monster...

Woodman is not too tough.

After beating Woodman, a mysterious fellow joins your party.

Mask: He's pretty well-rounded stat-wise, but he doesn't have any equipment...
yet. He has stats in the 30s and will likely carry your upcoming fights
Trans: Mask is appropriate (orig. Fukumen). His class is "Mystery Man". :)
Move forward...
And you find Mask's equipment. Why? I have no idea.
Come to think of it, Mask actually has some "natural" defense, as he has 11
defense with all Bronze equipment. But he gets... a hammer. If you have a
spare one, give the man a long sword to make the next few fights easier. You
lose it when he leaves, but it wasn't much of an issue for me.

For once, Mask has something useful to say. Magic isn't effective against
Ashura, so you should be ready to hit him hard with physical attacks.

Once you reach a long stairwell, you'll notice Ashura at the top. Prepare
for the battle by ensuring you have a pretty tough defender in the top slot.
Ashura's 6-Arms can do 200+ damage if you're hit by it without much defense.

Trans: Ashura's dialogue is appropriate. He planned all this, etc, including
the "two birds" remark.

Mask should come out swinging doing 160+ with his sword, or less with his
hammer. Your next closest in damage will probably be less than 100, so let
him carry the fight if necessary.

One of Ashura's attacks does 100ish damage to your party. Not much you can
do to heal this at this point; hope you get lucky and it doesn't happen twice.

Ashura should go down in 3-4 rounds.

You get MAGI of: Strength, Speed, Mana, Flame, Ice, Lightning, Poison.


You appear back at Ki's shrine. Go north and talk to the fairy next to Ki.
She says that Ashura's men are in Ki's body, micronized, so you need to go and
see the Giants in their world to find out how to do so yourself.
Said fairy also gives you a Defense MAGI from Ki.

Travel back to the Pillar of Worlds to head to the next world.

World 3 - Giants' World-------------------------------------------------------

Enter the town to the South.

Giants' World Town------------------------------------------------------------

There are, in fact, no giants here.

First off, go to the East through the trees and North. Talk to the man you
find... it's your father! He actually recognizes you, but he says that he
can't come home yet... as the world is "full of those who would abuse MAGI".
He leaves another MAGI in your caretaking (Lightning)...
Trans: He mentions why he's giving you it. He says "No one would think a
child of your age would have any". Of course your character says they're not
a child :) Dad: "As long as you pursue MAGI to the best of your ability,
we'll meet again."

Careful, as your party's been rearranged. Don't forget to fix it before you

Go further along that path and talk to the shopkeeper. He'll give you a hint
as to where to go next.
Trans: "It's Johnny's secret... I can't tell others!"

Go talk to Johnny.

Trans: "You're after Giant's goods? Damn that loudmouth shopkeeper..."

You should find out where to go now.

The shops have decent stuff, but nothing particularly great. Most of the
Giant equipment is out of your price range, but if you've got a lot of money,
the Giants' goods (and the Geta) increase a (non-robot) character's strength.
You'll get a Geta soon, though.

Go into the Giant's town to the Northeast after talking to Johnny.

You can't go into the first house you see because you don't have enough MAGI.
The one southeast of that has no entrance, and neither does the far south
one, but the one southwest does.

In the southwest house, you get a Strength MAGI and a Poison MAGI.

Go back to the first house. In here is a Mithril shield, Geta,
and a Micron (Chiisakuna-re, "Let's become small").
To get to the Micron, you will need to climb the shelves in the back.


Believe it or not, this is all you can do in this world. Good thing there's
the next "dungeon!"

You may want to consider leveling near Giant's town. Most of the monsters in
this world are a good deal tougher than the Ashura's World ones, and you can
make good money if you fight groups of Terrorists.

Before heading back to Ki, make sure you have plenty of healing items (either
cure spellbooks or potions). You can leave the next dungeon at any time,
but it's more convenient not to.

Talk to Ki and you'll enter her body to find the MAGI trapped inside.

Ki's Body---------------------------------------------------------------------

As you might guess, this is a dungeon shaped roughly like a person's body.
There are 6 MAGI to find in the first part, and each has its own separate
area. When you find the MAGI in each part, you're transported back to the
main area.

The monsters in this area come in large groups. If you have a good magician,
you can take them out quickly, but they can still be rough. Thankfully they
give a good deal of money to make up for that cost; most groups give 500+.

-Left and Right Hands - Flame, Ice
-Stomach, Heart - Agility, Defense
-Left and Right Feet - Lightning, Poison
-Brain - Mana

You start near the head, but you can't go into the brain since you don't have
enough MAGI. I recommend starting with a hand, working your way down that
side of the body (stomach and heart are accessed from the left and right side
respectively), then Some areas are straightforward, but to save you some

-Left hand: The MAGI is in the finger one from the left.
-Right hand: Once again, one from the left.
-Left foot: In the far right toe.
-Right foot: Also in the far right toe.

Once you have all 6 other MAGI, go to the brain. It's symmetrical.
Ki's cells are protecting the MAGI, so you have to take them out.

Cells - between 6 and 8. They can be taken out with one spell, otherwise they
can get annoying.

Ki thanks you for saving her and says she is praying you can find your father.

Tha shrine is now strangely empty, except for Ki.

Resupply if you need, then move on to the next world.

World 4 - Apollo's World------------------------------------------------------

Go South and East into the large, odd-shaped castle.
Trans: Apollo was originally "Apollon". Most dialogue here is appropriate.

Trans: Apollo: Welcome to the heroes who defeated Ashura! Accept this as

You get a Defense MAGI from Apollo. He says it's because he has plenty of
power already. He also gives you a riddle (which is accurate).

You have three places to find MAGI in this world. There is only one
restriction; The place where "Darkness shines brightly" has to be done after
the place where "Fire burns under water".

I recommend the cave first, so that's where I'll cover first.

Go to the Northeast and enter a town. Not much of interest here, but there's
an inn and there are a couple shops. Bit expensive for the time being unless
you fight a lot, though. There's also a scholar who says that gods don't
exist and the sound is the wind in the cave.

The cave just North of the town is a dead end, but there's a treasure (Hermes'
Shoes) that is worth getting. It adds 10 to Agility, which is good for this
point in the game.

When you're ready to proceed, enter the cave further north, around the

Windy Cave--------------------------------------------------------------------

Treasures: Rocket

This is another spot where encounters get a bit tougher, but if you have magic
they're surmountable.

One enemy type to watch out for are the sword monsters (Gae Bolgs). They're
immune to some types of magic (though thunder does damage).

Progress through the cave is mostly linear, but at one point a couple branches
open up. Go Southwest to progress.

From the stairs, go North. West is a Rocket (Orig. Rocket Punch). It's
naturally a good item for a robot. Go East from there to proceed.

Here there's another branching path, but it doesn't matter which you take.
Careful, as after entering these stairs, you can't go back until you finish
the dungeon.

Go West for an Elixer.

Progress East to find Lynn. She needs to go back to the town, so you take her
with you.

Lynn has good stats for being a little girl! I have no idea why her Mana is
so high. She can only punch and kick, though. You can give her equipment,
but you'd lose it soon anyway. Just use kick for now.

Interestingly, the next boss is called "Yama no kami" or "God of the
Mountain". So the scholar is technically wrong.

It has high defense, but it can be taken out without too much trouble.

After beating it, you get Strength, Agility, and Mana MAGI and a Hi Potion.


...You go back to the town and... There's your dad! But he's Lynn's father...

Your character doesn't believe it (the implication is that he is Lynn's real
father, hence cheating on your mother, etc).

Trans: "There's Dad! But... no... I don't believe it! So that's why he
didn't want to return home! There's no other way to put it... He was cheating
on Mom! I can't think of him as my father anymore..."
(Bit more sensical than "What's he doing bumming around in a place like
this?", no? Makes more sense for the next part, too. Probably was translated
the way it was due to NoA's strict policy).

Go Southeast of the town to reach another town. Here are more 6400GP+ goods.
There's a scholar here who says the Sea God doesn't exist. Wonder if he's

When you're ready, leave the town and head straight South, into the water.
Surprisingly, you can move down here. Go Southwest.

You'll see an underwater volcano. Head into it, through the lava.

Underwater Volcano------------------------------------------------------------

Treasures: Str Source
Mithril Swd
Fire Book

As you move through the lava, you take damage. It's only one per move, but
that may be enough to make some characters vulnerable. Be sure to heal every
so often.

There are a few treasures, but nothing you'll miss. In the room with the Fire
book, you can find a spring to the right that refills your life.

At the end of the dungeon you find Flame and Poison MAGI and TrueEye (acc).
No Sea God. Guess the scholar was right this time around!


Head back to the second town and heal up, resupply, etc. You may want to pick
up a few Soft Potions, as you can encounter Medusae in the next dungeon.
When you're ready, head Northwest to the place where Darkness shines brightly.

Bright Cave-------------------------------------------------------------------

Treasures: Str Source
Giant Bracers
Thunder Book
Light Saber
Revenge Sword

Since you have the TrueEye, you can actually see in this dungeon.
Never mind the moving floor; it doesn't do anything.

Eventually, you'll come to a fork. The left goes further, the right leads
to a Strength Source.

At the next fork, go right to get a Thunder book. This fork meets up with the
other one, so just continue.

Go along the south branch to get a Light Saber, then head back up and over the

At the three-way fork, head right to get a Revenge Sword (orig. Grudge Sword).

The middle fork continues, and the left is a dead end.

You've reached the last room. On the left side is Lightning MAGI, down the
middle path is Mana MAGI, and on the right is Ice MAGI.


You've collected all MAGI in this world. If you go back to Apollo's temple,
he's mysteriously gone...

Move on to the Pillar of Worlds to the next one.

World 5 - Guardians' World----------------------------------------------------

This world is just a town. Or so it appears.

In the Pub, if you buy a drink, the bartender will say to "Use the jukebox!".

If you need to know which one, it's 7 down from the first entry.

Trans: "Captain" is more or less right, in a navy context. Colonel for army.

Trans: One guardian says "Spies from the new Gods are searching for the
secret entrance... I'm worried."

Trans: Another: "The Pillar of Worlds is rather insecure... The worlds may
become entirely separate."

Trans: Another: "The old gods were probably the race that left the relics, but
it seems that they suffered wounds trying to control the power of water and
passed away..."

Go deeper into the Guardians' base to meet the Captain, your father. He says
that you are probably tired and should rest... you do so and there's a sudden

You need to make your way out of the base, defeating mini-bosses one at a
time. Most of them are no tougher than your average encounter.
The treasure room is empty, so don't bother with it.

The first boss drops a Strength MAGI. Progress to find your father.

Dad: New gods managed to find the entrance and attacked. Everyone else
escaped. Let's go too!
Main: Wait! Don't you have something to say to me?!
Dad:(Main)... Not just now.
Main: I'd been waiting for you to come back for years...
Mom was working on her own half to death just to raise me.
And all that time, what were YOU doing?! To betray Mom like that..
Dad: I haven't done anything to betray either you or your mother.
Main: By nothing, you mean...
O.C.1: (Main)! You can discuss this at length after we escape. If we don't
get out soon, we'll never make it!
Dad: That's right! Let's hurry.

(Makes a bit more sense. I don't recall the exact exchange in the original,
but it definitely wasn't... that).
Dad has excellent stats and good equipment, including a sword, SMG, and whip.
I imagine him as a cooler Indiana Jones. He even has Cure. I think the
only stat you may have much more of than him is Max HP, although at this point
I had slightly more Str on one character from the Geta and the Giant Bracer.

Fight the next enemy for an Agiliy MAGI, the next for a Defense MAGI.

Now you're out in the town. Leveling here might be a good idea, since Dad is
in your party. He's pretty versatile, and you don't have him for very long
after this point. You should be able to get several attribute points here.

When you're ready, "talk" to the guy at the Pillar of Worlds. After you
defeat him, he reveals they have the Captain's daughter, Lynn, as hostage in
the next world. You get a Flame MAGI.
Trans: Your character wonders if Lynn is really his/her younger sister.

World 6 - Monsters' World-----------------------------------------------------

As you progress through the Pillar of Worlds, notice there are shops on the
teleport to the Monsters' World. These sell the items those in the Guardians'
world did.

Enter the world proper to see... that it is quite small. As you move onward,
the enemy boss confronts you...

Trans: Here, Lynn reveals she is not blood related to "Dad" and that he was
only a foster father to replace her actual father, lost on a mission for the
Guardians. He was to remain so until her mother recovered.

Dad gives you an Ice MAGI and distracts the boss to keep Lynn safe.
The rest of the exchange is more or less accurate (minus some swearing on the
part of your character).

You get a Poison MAGI from beating the next enemy.

You also get a Lightning MAGI after the next exchange.


You can progress to the next world now, though it's not a bad time to level.
Keep in mind that if you have enough GP, you can always go back to the first
world, buy Longswords and Rapiers, and fight easy enemies for the same growth.
This is probably about the time your Strength fighter starts missing enemies
often, so you may want to level up his/her agility a bit. Don't worry about
keeping your robot's agility high, as a robot's meatshield status is more
important than attack power anyway.

World 7 - Venus' World--------------------------------------------------------

Well, this is a nice looking place and all, but it seems kind of sterile.
Decent armor at the shops, and you may be able to afford it. There's a good
selection of Giants' gear that you could probably buy if you did some
leveling earlier.

Inside the town, go to Venus' palace near the center via the conveyers.

Trans: Venus' dialogue is mostly correct.

After talking to Venus, go outside of the palace and notice two people
on the sides of the palace. Talk to them.

Trans: Flora was originally "Olivia". Leon was originally "Antony", and
Nils was originally "Yurius". Dialogue is approximately right.

Leave the town and go Southwest to exit the fenced area. Head West, then
North to reach another village.

Leon: "I was thrown out of the walls on account of my leg disability... But
compared to a life of just outward appearances, this one is wonderful! I'm
just worried about Flora..."

There's nothing else to see here, so head East to the Sewers.

Venus' Sewers-----------------------------------------------------------------

Treasures: Agility Source
PSI Sword
Sewer Key
Giant's Helm

Keep going through the sewer until you find a door to the North. Inside, you
have to fight an easy mini-boss (~400 hp) for the Sewer Key.

A bit further in, there is a door you can enter if you have said Key. Inside
are Strength, Mana, and Speed MAGI. Do NOT touch the treasure chest in the
lower right, unless you want to fight groups of enemies much harder than

Further in, there's another door. Same deal as above; there are 3 MAGI (Ice,
Flame and Thunder) but the lower right chest is again monster-filled.

Continue South through the water. When you can go into the water or stay on
ground, go into the water for an elixer than go back up and around.
A bit further on the landscape changes... this looks like Venus' palace. Go

Talk to Venus to see her reaction. She thinks you're lying about MAGI in the
sewer. Well, her loss.

Go outside and talk to Flora again. There's an earthquake and a volcano
appears Northwest of the "dirty" town.

Trans: (Main): If you really do like Leon, you should run away.
Flora: I can't oppose Lady Venus... and I'm scared to be outside the walls.

Go back to the dirty village and talk to Leon. He doesn't react well.

Move on to the volcano.


Treasures: Flame Sword
Mana Source
Flame Gun (trans: Flamethrower)
Wizard Staff

Like the previous volcano, there's some lava. By now the 1hp/step isn't so

You'll notice someone following you pretty soon, but don't worry too much.

At one point, you can go on a ramp north or south onto land. Go north and
head southwest to get a Flame Shield.

At the end, you get Flame, Poison, and Strength MAGI.. but the Strength MAGI
is stolen by Leon! What could he be planning?

Head back to Venus' City. There's a marriage ceremony soon in the left wing
of the palace. Once you're ready to fight, head over there.

Trans: Venus: Flora, do you swear that you will love this man, Nils, for your
entire life?
Flora: Lady Venus... I...
Venus: Flora! You do so swear?
Flora: I... I...
Leon: Floraaaa!
Leon: Venus! I will defeat you with the power of this MAGI!
Venus: What do you expect to do with just a knife and a MAGI?!
Venus: I can defeat your like by simply a touch of my finger... what did you
Flora: Lady Venus! Please forgive this man! I will marry Nils or whatever,
but please forgive him!
Venus: Flora, are you trying to order me around just to save this man?
Flora: Please, Lady Venus!
Venus: No! Go back to your place.
Flora:... No! Now I understand clearly. I love Leon, and I'm not scared
anymore! I'm going to go outside the wall.
Venus: That's forbidden!
Flora:... Well, then...
*Flora takes Leon's knife and slashes her own forehead*
Flora: Now I cannot stay here anymore. Please expel me from the city.
Venus: What?! Destroying beauty is to confront me! This is betrayal!
Char: That's it! Venus has gone too far!

Be sure and talk to Leon before attacking Venus, as he gives you the Strength
MAGI he stole earlier.

Venus can do a lot of damage, but she's not particularly tough if you've been
fighting normal enemies in this area. She has high Agility, though, so watch

For defeating Venus, you receive Strength, Agility, Mana, Flame, Ice,
Lightning, Poison, and Aegis MAGI.

Aegis is the first MAGI you can equip that gives you an ability. If you equip
Aegis, then you can use the command "Aegis" in battle to use a powerful shield
that is strong against all elements (and covers the whole party). It might
not be bad for a front-line defense-oriented character to use rather than DEF
MAGI, particularly as it also gives resistance to many status effects.

When you're ready, move along to the next world.


World 8 - Dragon Race World---------------------------------------------------

This world contains just one town to the West of the Pillar of Worlds.

You'll find out in the town that Apollo is hosting a dragon race in this town,
with MAGI as the prize.
You can enter if you rent a dragon from one of the houses in the North. You
don't have much choice, but you may as well get a good dragon.

In the race itself, you'll have random encounters as well as (easy) event
battles, so be prepared.

Dragons range in price from free to 1000 GP, increasing in both price and
speed as you go through the houses from right to left. I recommend the second
fastest one, as the fastest is almost impossible to control.

Even if you're relatively slow, you turn out to be the only party that can
surpass the barriers, so winning the race doesn't really matter. You may
find people on the track who were ambushed by monsters and killed... Not
surprising, as many encounters here are surprise attacks and some are strong
enough that if you're unlucky, you're pretty much dead.

For beating the first group, you get an Agility MAGI. The second yields a
Mana MAGI, the third Defense and Agility MAGI.

At the end of the race, you win. Apollo doesn't give you any additional
rewards, so don't worry about things too much.

Head over to the next world when you're ready.

World 9 - Edo World-----------------------------------------------------------

First, some preliminary stuff on this world. It's based on Edo period Japan,
which basically means 17th-19th century-ish. Look it up if you're interested.
Many players in Japan would be pretty familiar with the setting, in any case.

Go East, then South and into the town on the left. When you're ready for a
fight, talk to the people on the bridge and they will attack you. A detective
will drive them off after you beat them.

Trans: Originally the warriors were called Tenchuugumi, or the "Heaven's
Punishment" group.

Notice that in this first town there is a shop, Echigoya's, which sells really
nice stuff. The price is high, but you can't buy Flare books anyplace else
until near the end of the game. Consider buying one for later.

Go to the town in the Eastern part of this world.

Trans: In the schoolhouse there's some interesting dialogue.==================
1: I'm making a manga flipbook!
2: (says something stinks, but is a chocobo...)
3: When you have 3 cranes and 4 turtles, how many legs? is it 24?
("Yes": Nope! Wrong! It's 22. Maybe you should learn from Ronin-sensei?
"No": Right! The correct answer is 22! Great job!)
4: (Says "Please don't play this game" in katakana, then translates to
Japanese. then says he has to keep studying!)
5: They say the gods created this world. So then who created the gods?
I don't know, I have no clue!

The teacher's name is Taro in English, Ronin in the original.

Talk to Hana (orig. Otama) in this town. She reveals her father was killed
while investigating Echigoya's shady dealings. Your characters decide to look
into Echigoya's shop.

Go to the "nice" shop in the first town and talk to thr clerk around the
counter. He says a shipment just came in. Go ahead to the harbor to the
Southwest when you're ready for a short dungeon.

Echigoya's Ship---------------------------------------------------------------

Treasure: Laser Gun
Hecate Shoes

Kame (orig. Tenpachi) says that Hana went to investigate the ship alone.

Trans: "Kame" is Japanese for "Turtle". Heh.

Go down the bridge to the right of the first one you see and enter the ship.

There is 1 treasure on the 2nd basement, at the South end of the ship.

2 treasures are in the 3rd basement: the Tank and the Hecate Shoes.

Trans: An interesting note: Hecate Shoes were originally Koumei no Kutsu, or
Kongming's Shoes. Kongming refers to Zhuge Liang. In the Three Kingdoms
period of China, Zhuge Liang was the Prime Minister of Shu and a brilliant
strategist and politician. Folklore associates him with several Taoism-based
magic powers, of which the best known is the summoning of wind.
He would be well-known by most of the game's audience in Japan, occupying a
cultural position somewhat akin to Merlin in Western countries. I have no
idea why they would change it to Hecate, a lesser-known Greek goddess.

Hecate Shoes increase a character's Mana by 15, so put them on a caster.

I recommend putting the Tank on a robot, as it does 600-800 to a group of
enemies. A robot will get a substantial life boost from equipping it and it
will become renewable (though it will be down to only 10 uses).

Go North to see Hana and Taro.

Trans: It's interesting to note Taro almost never says anything much.
He's really tight-lipped.

Here we find out that the ship is just full of bananas... which are forbidden
by law!

Trans: In the original, the ship is full of opium, which is not mentioned
prior to finding the ship. The fact that it would be banned would be obvious,
given the Edo government's response to opium (by which the Western countries
had essentially enslaved China at that point in history).

The official translation had it changed to bananas, probably to avoid the
problem of mentioning a drug like opium. Although the translators could be
faulted for other things, I find bananas to be a thoroughly satisfying
replacement. Why? It's such a random good as to be absurd. There's no
reason to ban bananas... except what you found out later on. The idea is to
poke fun at the idea of a corrupt, incompetent government, and that is what
the original translation achieved.

Hana joins your party so you can all go to the local administration and
denounce Echigoya for smuggling bananas.

Hana has good stats, but lowish HP and crappy weaponry.
Sypha (sp?) is probably your best bet for damage.

Leave the ship and go West and slightly South.


Go to the courtroom. See what transpires. The translation is more or less
correct, though in the original the administrator is very favorable to Hana.

It's interesting to note in this dialogue that Echigoya uses the term "Atashi"
to refer to himself. This implies either that he is very effeminate or that
"he" is really a she.

In the next event, you find out that Kame snuck into Echigoya's and got
caught. You manage to hide him from the police.
Trans: The policeman tells Hana to give up the case as the "higher-ups are

Hana joins your party again to *really* investigate Echigoya this time.

Go back to the first town, once again to Echigoya's shop. Nobody's here, so
you can just waltz on through.

The first door leads to a bunch of thugs. Talk to them if you want to fight
endless and possibly difficult battles. Otherwise move to the next door.

Enter the door to hear talking.
Replace "Bananas" with "Opium" and you've got the gist of the original text.

Afterward, you have to fight Echigoya and his thugs. The thungs are the same
as from the bridge; there are several of them, while Echigoya uses mostly
guns. Be sure to take out the thugs quickly or they'll rack up lots of damage
on you.

At this point, Taro reveals it is his job to protect MAGI from misuse such as
that of the shogun.

(main): My father was a guardian... he was called the "Captain", but...
Taro: What?! Did something happen to the Captain?!
(main): Father... died.
Taro: I don't believe it... that Captain could be... If that's so, then
let us defeat the shogun together! Hana! We will defeat the shogun and
avenge your father!

Taro joins your party now. If you thought Dad was useful, take a look at
Taro's stats. 60+ Str/Agi, 45 Magic, and useful equipment. Only the Counter
isn't useful, and you'd have to be crazy to use it over the Murasame when it

When you're ready to progress, go West then North of the first town in this

Edo Castle--------------------------------------------------------------------

Treasures: Ninja Bracers (Genji Bracers)
Health Source
Dragon Sword
Dragon Shield
Samurai Bow

At the entrance, some guards will stop you. Although they can damage your
party for quite a bit, they shouldn't kill you at this point.

This dungeon is a bit more windy and confined than most, but it does make the
path you take a bit more obvious.

Once you go up the first set of stairs in the interior of the castle, one room
to the right there are a few treasure chests.
The Health Source increases max HP by 40 on a human or mutant.

After the next set of stairs, the room to the right has a treasure chest.

When you come to the Shogun's room, be sure and open the chest to his left
before you talk to him.

Trans: Samurai Bow was originally Yoichi's Bow, named for Nasu no Yoichi, an
archer from the Japanese epic "Tale of Heike".

The Samurai Bow hits a group of enemies, so it is quite useful.

Ronin: Lord Shogun, I have come to partake of your life!
(This is the only way I can think of to show his utter politeness...)
Shogun: Ahhhh! Someone... someone save me!

Shogun looks about as pathetic as he is. He only has about 2000 life.

After you beat him, his "father" arrives. "Magnate" is an appropriate name -
his name is Oogosya.

Shogun: Fa... Father! Save me!
Magnate: How could you have blundered so badly!
I have no use for you! Begone!
Shogun: S... save me!
(talk to Magnate)
Magnate: Hahaha... come this way!
(talk again)
Magnate: Well, at least my useless son did one thing... My plan was to use
him to gather MAGI and become a god. But some luck yet remains to me! For
you, all unthinking, have brought me many MAGI! Die!

Magnate is the first really tough boss fight.. He uses Thunder (500+ hp) and
Tornado (500+ hp to all) quite often. He also has a good deal of defense -
enough that Taro only does 350 damage to him. I recommend using Aegis or
a similar type of shield to prevent the Thunder effect, though the Tornado
is not really preventable. As far as attacking him goes, he has high Agility
so it's difficult to hit him. Thankfully he is somewhat vulnerable to magic.
I'm sorry to say this, but you pretty much just have to hope that he doesn't
use Tornado more than once or twice.

For beating Magnate, you get Flame, Ice, Lightning, and Poison MAGI.


Taro: ...It's over.
(char): What are you going to do now? Taro?
Taro: Mm... that is... Ms... Hana...
Hana: Sir Taro... Oh, I'm so embarassed!
(char): You're perfect for each other! I hope you two are happy together!
Kame: This is wonderful! Hahaha!
(main): Only 10 MAGI left! Let's keep going!

When you're prepared, head over to the next world.

World 10 - Nasty Dungeon------------------------------------------------------

This world is very short plot-wise, but it consists entirely of an optional

Enter it and talk to the fairy here. She says,
"This dungeon is incredibly malicious... Better not to keep going in!"

The only MAGI in this world is in the treasure box next to her. This MAGI
is the Pegasus (orig. Angel's Wings). You can use it to travel to any town
you've been to so far.

I will cover the rest of the dungeon later on in this FAQ, because I don't
recommend doing it until you're in the last world. Monsters here are very
strong, and although the treasures here are quite useful, it's better to wait
until later on.

World 11 - Odin's World-------------------------------------------------------

You may have encountered Odin before this.
If you die in battle, Odin gives you the chance to do-over the fight in return
for a promise to fight him when you reach his world.

Here's the dialogue if you died up till now===================================
Odin: Welcome, heroes! This is Valhalla Palace.
Those who are defeated in battle come here after death.
(char): So... we all died in battle...
Odin: Indeed. However... I have the power to restore you to life!
If you take an oath to fight me someday, and you all do not lose the bravery
to face me, I will continue to do so!
Do you have the courage to continue fighting? (y/n)

Go to the East to enter Valhalla Palace.

Valhalla Palace---------------------------------------------------------------

Be careful in this dungeon, as some enemies ("Killer", IIRC) use the Chainsaw
which can insta-kill your party members.

Treasures: Defender Sword
Witches' Staff
___ Helmet (orig. Circlet)
Rune Axe
Flare Book

Enter the room just in front of you for the Defender.

Up one floor, enter the room below for the Witch Staff.

On the next floor, the center is lined with crystals. Go above or below it;
both lead to the same place.

On the 4th floor, go into the room just next to you to get the ___ Helmet
(I think it was Army Helmet or something originally).

On the 5th floor, go right to enter the crystal maze. Go to the bottom and
then to the left to get the Rune Axe, which is another PSI

On the 6th floor, be sure to grab the Flare book. I recommend equipping it on
a caster so you can use it in the boss fight against Odin soon.

Approach Odin. If you haven't died and gotten the dialogue previously, the
fight will simply begin. Otherwise, you get the following.

Odin: You finally came, heroes! Do you recall your promise?
Come, you shall fight me!
(char): Why do we have to fight you?! Tell us!
Odin: If you win, I shall tell you. Now, come!
(char2): If we defeat you, you won't be able to revive us, right? We can't
do something so foolish!
Odin: Hmph. You think you can beat me?! I won't hold back!

Odin is pretty tough. He can use a thunder attack against your entire party,
use Gungnir for a strong attack. Gungnir bypasses shields entirely and does
900 damage against a character with 50 defense, so watch out!

For defeating Odin, you receive Strength, Speed, Mana, Flame, Ice, Lightning
and Poison MAGI and the Masamune (which counts as MAGI).

You get no dialogue after killing him if you didn't get revived by him before.

Odin: Well done, heroes. Using the power of MAGI, I called out for the aid
of many a warrior... but I went too far. To do battle with the strongest
of warriors, to experience their spirits, was my desire. And now, that wish
has come true...
(char): Odin...
Odin: It seems as if my "grandchildren" are gathering around me now...
When I die, you will not be able to be restored to life to fight again!
Keep this well in mind!

Take a look at your MAGI total. 76. Not bad!

Go behind Odin's "throne" and follow the path out. Go East to keep moving.


World 12 - Final World--------------------------------------------------------

Warning: Soon after entering this world, you will not be able to use MAGI
for the rest of the game. Although MAGI do help a lot, they're definitely not
necessary. If you feel you need them to complete the World 10 dungeon, go
ahead and do that now. Otherwise, you can wait until you have one of two very
good guests in your party instead (which is what I prefer).

Go West then North. Huh. Another Pillar of Worlds...

Apollo: You finally came. I admit I was a bit worried as to whether you'd
defeat Odin or not...
(char): You were waiting for us?! Why?
Apollo: By now, you should have 76 MAGI in your possession. And I have the
remaining MAGI in my hands! We will now decide whether you or I will be the
one to have all of them!
(main): I don't know why you've changed your outlook so much, but we aren't
planning on handing any over!
Apollo: Very well! Servants, come forth!

I ended up fighting just one of the things, but it attacked with Flame and
Blizzard. Any sort of anti-element barrier should defuse its primary
damage-dealer. It also uses a poison attack, so Aegis works wonders in this
battle. It has a lot of life, but when it can't deal damage you just have to
hit it. High speed, too, so hitting it isn't easy, but most magic should be

More Trans====================================================================
Apollo: Hmph. Such strength is only expected. But no further!
(Various NPCs appear)
Do you care at all what happens to them? If so, you will give me all the
MAGI in your possession!
(main): Damn! It was his plan from the start to let us gather all the MAGI!
What a filthy schemer...
(All 76 MAGI were taken away by Apollo).
Apollo: I will leave you with only your lives... for from now on you are the
servants of the one true god, Apollo!
(main): Wait, Apollo! You mustn't use the MAGI! It will sever the worlds
from each other!!
Apollo: Ha! That nice little rumor that the Guardians spread? I'm certain
it's all a lie. Using these MAGI, I will become a true god. If the worlds
become separate, I will merely put them back together. Hahahaha...

(char2): It's the end...
(char3): After we came this far...
Ki: (main), I'm sorry... It's our fault that...
(main): ...Now let us pray that the world isn't destroyed... That's all that
we can do now...
(unk): There's still hope!
(main): Dad? Dad! You were alive!
Dad: I am immortal! (main), there's still hope! You may not have noticed,
but aside from Apollo's MAGI, there is one other MAGI in this world!
(char): Huh? But that would mean there are 78 MAGI...
Dad: That the Goddess' statue was divided into 77 MAGI... was a lie!
(char2): What? A lie?! (this could actually mean "you're lying!" too :) )
Dad: Our forces spread false information that there were 77 pieces.
(char3): So then, the remaining one piece is...?
Dad: The final MAGI is inside the Final Dungeon!

(it's interesting to note that they don't note a reason for saying there were
77 pieces... oh well!)

If you thought guests couldn't get any better, you'd have been wrong.
Dad "mark 2" has 70/70/80/60 - which was equal to or better than all of my
best - and good equipment. He even has 700 HP, which gives him good

Go West and South to find the Final Town.
From this point on, all towns gain a "secondary" item shopkeeper. They sell
useful end-game armor, but the main reason is that they sell "Doors" which let
you teleport like the Pegasus MAGI did.

The Final Town sells a lot of useful equipment, and since you should have some
money from Odin's World, you can probably buy most of what you need.
Be sure to save some money for Tents. They work as mobile Inns, so they're
invaluable, especially for Mutants, Monsters, or Robots.

A new type of equipment available is the Heal Staff. It works as a slightly
less effective Cure, with less uses, but it heals the entire party. Buy them
if you need disposable cures for dungeons.

When you're ready, head Southeast to the Final Dungeon. Be sure and bring
a Door in case you get stuck with no easy way out.

Final Dungeon-----------------------------------------------------------------

Treasures: Karate ("Hell Car")
Sun Sword
Arthur('s) Armor (Guan Yu's Armor)
Psi Gun
Parasuit (Power Suit)
Nuclear Bomb

Weird walls, eh? It certainly does look like a final dungeon...
As you might expect, this area has pretty rough enemies. The falcon-looking
ones can cast Tornado, dealing ~500 damage to your party. The crab-type
enemies can cast Blizzard, dealing ~300 to your party. Needless to say, if
you get unlucky you may die.
When you reach the two staircases, the tunnel-looking one on the right leads
to the Karate.
On the second floor, the Sun Sword is on to the left.
On the third floor, there's nothing inside the tunnel area. Don't worry about
On the fourth floor, open the treasure chest for Arthur Armor.
Trans Note====================================================================
Arthur Armor was originally Kan u no yoroi (Guan Yu's Armor). Guan Yu was a
general of the Three Kingdoms period in China. Like Zhuge Liang, he fought
alongside Liu Bei. Guan Yu is seen as one of the most virtuous, honorable,
and physically strong individuals of the time and holds a status sort of
analogous to that of Arthur or Lancelot. Arthur is a good translation.

Arthur Armor gives good immunities and good defense. Equip it on your first
or second character for best effect.

On the fifth floor, go right for the Psi Gun. It's a nice Psi weapon.

On the sixth floor, go right again for the Power Armor.

The Power Armor ("Parasuit") deserves special mention. It takes the place of
all armor types (i.e. can't be worn with helms, armor, bracers, or shoes),
but it gives 73 armor, 15 strength, and 15 speed. Although this doesn't give
as much as, say, having all Giant's equipment and Geta, it's still useful in
view of the fact that Speed also affects hit percentage, so your strength
character can make good use of speed as well.

At the crossroads on the seventh floor, go right for a Tent.

On the ninth floor, go to the right or left to gain the Excalibur.

The Excalibur is the only weapon with infinite uses. It also hits an entire
group of enemies, and does hefty damage, so it's quite useful.

At the crossroads on the eleventh floor, go right for a Nuclear Bomb.
Note the Nuclear Bomb has only one use, so giving it to a robot makes it

Once you finally reach the twelfth floor, keep going North to fight the
WarMech (orig. Death Machine). In preparation for the battle, you may want
to make sure you have lots of heal staves.

WarMech is still harder than the previous bosses. He uses Missile most rounds
for ~200-300 to all. Conveniently, this is about the same amount that a Heal
staff will heal, using a decent magician (or Dad, in a pinch). He can also
physically attack for 200-350, relatively light at this stage in the game if
you have high defense. Once WarMech is severely damaged, he will use Nuke for
600 damage to all, so be sure to keep your HP up!

Once WarMech is dead, your party is magically healed. Nice!

Open the treasure chest for the final, 78th MAGI: Heart. It was originally
called "Goddess' Heart". You can head North to exit the dungeon easily.

The Heart MAGI can be equipped and then used in battle. It can be used once
every rest (Inn or Tent), and will restore all characters back to full life.
Quite useful.


Here, you have two choices. Move on

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